Real People

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you shop and order online? For the longest time, I thought that whenever I ordered a pair of pants and two tops from my favorite website, the items would travel along a conveyor belt before a robot arm would swoop down and place them […]

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Free Back to School Printable

Free Back to School Printables

Summer is winding down, marketing ads are turning to lunchboxes and pencils. It’s time to shift to a new schedule and daily routine. Whether our children are entering elementary, middle, or high school, time seems to be speeding up to a new level. Documenting these milestones may seem overwhelming, but when they’re all grown up […]

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iPhoneography Series: 5 Tips to Avoid Background Clutter

When taking photos, sometimes we’re so focused on the subject that we forget about what’s happening behind it. With mobile photography we don’t have the luxury of controlling aperture to blur out background clutter, or a zoom lens to remove the background distraction all together. So what can we do to enhance our mobile photos […]

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iPhoneography Series: Collect App

If you’re following Persnickety Prints on Instagram, you may have noticed a post or two showcasing prints designed in the app, Collect. The Collect App takes multitasking to a new level as we can now document our stories on our iPhone, anywhere. The card-like presentation of your photos creates the perfect record of each day. […]

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Archival Waterproof Prints

The archival nature of photographic printing (digital developing) is what we’re passionate about. In this digital age, we’re taking more photos than ever, yet our posterity may never see them. Mediums and file types may change, images may be lost in a cloud, but tangible prints are timeless. Are you documenting your story and leaving […]

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iPhoneography Series: Mextures

 same photo filtered 2 ways in Mextures // Text Design in Studio   Mextures  Why I love this app:  Individual layers provide an unlimited creative process. Create your own Mexture or collaborate formulas with your friends with share codes.   Stack layers for blending effects // Move, hide, rotate, and adjust opacity of your texture […]

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The Phone Photography Project Giveaway

GIVEAWAY | Two (2) people will win a spot in The Phone Photography Project from Big Picture Classes. About the Class: Would you like to take better photos with the camera you always have with you—your smartphone? Get ready to transform your mobile photography in a brand-new interactive workshop, The Phone Photography Project 2, starting […]

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iPhoneography Series: Snapseed

Decisions. Decisions. You snap a photo on your phone, then what? With the large selection of photo editing apps, how do you know which app to use and when? You don’t. Edit and Edit it again until you get the desired result. Example: 3 Fisherman were coming in from sea after catching these huge Mackerel. […]

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Storytelling through Pictures

It’s not just visual content. This content is our life. It’s you and me. Capturing the story through the lens. Our photos, they’re our story. Is a picture really worth a thousand words? “Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, and images, often by improvisation or embellishment”  -Wikipedia My Life Story Brush Collection is […]

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iPhoneography Series: 8 Tips to better Photo Composition

8 Photo Composition Basics: Get level — Change up your perspective while keeping horizons and verticals in check. Your camera is smaller now — take it places! The rule of thirds is still the rule. Don’t always center your subject. Crop later. Start by turning on the grid lines in your camera. In iOS 7, […]

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