PicFrame, Rhonna and Bubbleframe for Memory Keeping

We’re passionate about memory keeping. With last weeks launch of the Project Life App, we’re able to “scrapbook” digitally on the go.
mobile_memorykeepingWe don’t want to leave our Android users out!  The large variety of Android phones makes it tough for app developers. They’re all different. The operating system is more complex.  Until Android simplifies their platform, our only choice it to make the best of what we have.

May We Suggest: Create a 12×12 high resolution collage in Pic Frame, add design elements and text in the Rhonna Designs App. We also love the BubbleFrame App for iOS.

1. Pic Frame App

Custom photo collage right on your phone. Choose from a variety of editable templates set to specific aspect ratios. Combine multiple collages, adjust, round corners, export at high resolution for a perfect 12×12 print!

picframe_app_12x12 print(12×12 Layout created in PicFrame, added to Rhonna Designs to square up and add text)

2. Rhonna Designs App

Overlays, Frames, Text, Backgrounds, Masking and Design Brushes can all be exported in a high resolution format in Rhonna Designs. Toggle back and forth from Rhonna Designs to Rhonna Magic for even more creative fun.

  • Create a collage in Pic Frame, save to camera roll
  • Import to Rhonna Designs for design elements
  • Export at the highest resolution for a perfect print!

Rhonna Designs 12x12

3. BubbleFrame App (iOS)

Photo templates, background papers, elements and text, BubbleFrame offers all you need to custom design a full 12×12 digital layout (iOS Only).

Bubble Frame App 12x12 Print


bubbleframe app 12x12

(layout created in Bubbleframe)

Once you’ve created your digital scrapbook layout, be sure to back it up somewhere! Then, upload to Persnickety Prints for the best 12×12 archival print. iOS users can upload directly from their phones via the Persnickety App and place an order (Android coming soon! Promise!).

iPhoneography 101For more phone photo tips and tricks, check out our iPhoneography Series!

*Persnickety Prints is not affiliated with Bubbleframe, Rhonna Designs or PicFrame. This is an educational post. For further documentation, please visit the app page.

September 21, 2014
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