2014 Insta Calendar

We’ve been Insta-Printing since we started Instagramin‘ in 2011.

Mobile Photography has opened up a whole new world.  How many photos are on your mobile camera roll right now? 1,000? 2,000? I am at 2,389 and I clear it off once a quarter! We are taking more pictures than ever, documenting and living life.


Persnickety Prints is here to help you find unique ways to showcase your memories before they are lost in your device forever!

The 2014 Insta Calendar

The perfect 4×8 size with a perfect little 2.75×2.75 square opening for your favorite mobile shots.

1. Free Download Design [.png format, will need a 3rd party software program to create]
2. Use our Calendar module to drag and drop your favorite images into a pre made template- NO Photoshop Needed!


instagram calendar


[button link=”https://app.box.com/shared/static/jclw3xp93vrbu51bmntk.zip” size=”small” style=”download” color=”silver”]Download[/button]

Once you’ve created your calendar (we are working on a drag & drop integration), you’ll upload and order selecting the 4×8 Top Bound 13 Page Calendar.

4x8cal_order2 4x8cal_order1




October 10, 2013
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