5 Tips for Vacation Pictures: Making Memory-Keeping Easier

Hi there! Kristin here today to share with you some vacation picture tips that will make it much easier for memory-keeping when you get home!  I know sometimes I’ve gotten back from a trip and realized I didn’t remember to take all the vacation pictures I wanted. More than a couple times I’ve gone to make a mini-album or work on a project life spread just to realize that I completely forgot to take enough photos. With that in mind, I came up with a couple of tips so that I would remember to take lots of photos on our next trip.

I just returned from a fantastic 3-day jaunt to Vermont with Jeffrey. Even though we didn’t have much time, we packed a ton of adventure into our trip. Next time you’re on a trip, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind for easy memory-keeping photos.

1. Use Cell Phone Pictures. It much easier to carry around a cell phone everywhere as opposed to a big bulky camera. Pull out the big camera for frame-worthy pics and enlargements, but stick to cell phone pics for scrapbooking and project life.

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2. Use Apps to Quick Edit. There are a ton of great editing apps out there, some of my personal favorites right now are A Beautiful Mess, PicTapGo, Instagram, VSCOcam, and Camera+(a few of these are paid apps). Add text to the top of your photo with programs like Phonto and A Beautiful Mess and you’ve already completed some of your journaling.

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3. Use a Hashtag. Make up your own vacation hashtag. This way you can keep all your photos in one place and check on them all at a glance. It’s a great way to see which pictures came in which order and help you create an accurate storyline. The hashtag for our Vermont trip was #kandjdoVT. It’s also a great way to quickly show family and friends all the photos from a trip.

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4. Create Goals. Its easy to forget to take pictures when you’re having a great time. By giving yourself goals to reach, you’re more likely to pick up the camera and snap a couple pictures. Not sure where to start? Try to take at least 1 picture every place your visit, or try to take 5 photos each day. Figure out what goals will work for you and your vacation.

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5. Take Selfies! Getting the picture is the most important part. Even if the picture is blurry, out of focus, or with a silly face — that picture is better than no picture at all. Its important to get in front of the camera once in a while; and sometimes selfies are the best way to do it.

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Have you taken some great vacation pictures this summer? How are you planning on using them in your memory-keeping projects? Leave a comment and let me know!

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June 22, 2013
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