AE December Daily Overlays

Ali Edwards December Daily

Holiday Cheer is in the air here at Persnickety Prints as we are printing Christmas Cards, Photo Gifts, Calendars, and the ever popular Ali Edwards December Daily Project.

How to get the most of your prints using digital overlays

1) Open the image in your software program.

2) Resize the image first to 4×6 at 300 dpi (1800×1200 pixels)

3) Ali has created her 4×6 .png to perfectly drop on top of your pre-sized 4×6 photo. No adjustments needed!

4) Flatten. Save as full resolution .jpeg. Upload and order.
Your borders will be cut off if they are placed too close to the edge of the image.

Bleed is the amount of space needed to print from edge to edge without a white border.

Full Bleed= Edge to Edge printing

Single photographic prints: machines allow for a slight difference in print sizes and alignments by overlaying your image over the paper to avoid having a white border.  If your layout has a thin border, the border can appear uneven or completely gone on one or more edge.

We hope this helps visualize what “bleed” is and why we need it! As always, contact us with further questions!
-team PP
November 6, 2012
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