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Persnickety Prints

Chari converted to digital scrapbooking over 5 years ago, but could not find a quality, archival 12x12 print at an affordable price. After her long search, she saw a need and created her own; Persnickety Prints. Before founding Persnickety Prints, Chari helped numerous organizations increase their online presence and revenue through her creative services. Chari's excellent retail knowledge and expertise comes from over 10 years of service at the retail industry giant, GAP. When Chari is not working on the next innovative business idea, she is calling a customer about their low resolution image or driving one of her 3 boys to a soccer game, tennis lesson, or scouts. You may also catch her at the nearest gas station grabbing a 44 oz. Diet Pepsi (mixed with a little cherry coke + extra ice). Date nights with her Husband of 14 years usually consist of a long single track mountain bike ride, skiing, fishing, or camping. She enjoys playing soccer on a local “soccer mom” indoor team. Chari is Persnickety in all things.

How to Take Photos of the Solar Eclipse with your Smartphone

solar eclipse photo tips

Remember the iphoneography tips we’ve been teaching you over the years? You’ll want to use them if you’re planning on taking photos of the #solareclipse on Monday. Auto focus won’t work. Manually use your finger to lock the focus on the moon. Slide your finger up & down to change the exposure. Android phones have […]

I took 1,000 Photos in Peru, now what?

  It’s not every day we get to hike through Machu Picchu, or float through Lake Titicaca on a boat made of reefs. We spend months, even years, planning a big vacation, it deserves to be remembered. I have always hoped I could take my children on a humanitarian trip to a 3rd world country […]

6×8 Collage Prints

NEW! Completely Custom Collage Templates in the popular 6×8 print format. Free Persnickety Software Free Persnickety Art Highest Quality Prints, guaranteed  Simply drag & drop photos into photo placeholders, add text overlays and adjust as needed. and …. ONLY 99¢ for a Limited Time! Save Save Save Save Slide into your favorite 6×8 Photo Album […]

Free Back 2 School Printables

It’s that time of year… again! Documenting milestones may seem overwhelming, but when they’re all grown up, we’ll wish we had made time. We’re providing 6 FREE 8×10 Back to School Signs for our customers to download & print for the traditional Back to School Photoshoot (ours is always on the front porch:). We provide […]

No App Needed

Yep, you heard it right! Now you can simply upload photos and order prints from any device! No need to download or update a mobile app Simply upload photos from any browser Any device (even your friends phone!) Personal & secure login Unlimited Free Photo Storage Free Your Photos.   try it now You can […]

Celebrate Freedom with a Free Card Package

The Rhonna Designs App has endless possibilities! Upload designs to Persnickety Prints to create digital Memory Pages or print out individual cards for your pocket albums.   Celebrate FREEDOM this Summer with an exclusive FREE Card Package created in the Rhonna Designs App. All orders of $25 or more on Monday July 3 and […]

2 Page Layouts with Memory Pages

Thanks to the NEW Persnickety Memory Keeping software (free), my life has gotten much easier! After enjoying (and recovering from:) Ryder’s 11th Birthday Party and taking a few dozen photos, I uploaded them to my Persnickety Prints account. I selected one photo of the group with extra Negative Space as a 12×12 print. Then added […]