Free 3×4 Adventure Card Download

Summer 2015 Goal: Beat the Heat & Go Outside Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson In a world of electronics and the comfort of never leaving our homes, it’s important to make it priority to get out and take in the beauty of the world. At Persnickety Prints, we’re […]

Chore Chart for Moms

We’ve got lists. Endless lists. Just when we think we’ve checked all the boxes, it’s a new day and we start all over again. Being a Mom, it’s the hardest job there is. Paycheck? Not so great. We cook, clean, drive, and drive some more, we’re essentially free slaves for our children. I love my […]

Free 8×10 Holiday Printable

  Due to a server error, our original post was pulled from our database and cannot be restored. To be honest, we’re too tired (hello christmas cards!) to re write the post– but here is the link for this Free 8×10 Printable- Download Here   Merry Christmas!

Free Holiday Tags

Long ago, Deena Rutter and I went to the same High School. I remember her being musically talented. She could sing, and play the guitar, now she’s designing paper and fabric! Let’s just say, she is blessed with creative genes. Many of Deena’s digital kits are named after songs and musicians. Can you guess who […]

Free Digital Foil 5×7 Card

2014 Holidays are all about the glimmer & gold! We’ve created this unique, one of a kind, 5×7 Digital Gold and Silver Foil Card just for you! A .png format will allow you to drop your favorite photo right into place, add text (or not) and order! Instructions for how to order your custom card […]

Use Infographic Elements to tell your story

infographic_christmas card

An infographic is just that; an informational graphic. Infographics are a fun way to learn about something without all the heavy reading. For visual people (like myself), I can remember information laid out in a pie chart, but won’t remember the same information if it’s typed up in a paragraph. It’s Data Visualization. Last Christmas, […]