RootsTech wrap up with David Archuleta

When I was asked to be an Ambassador for Rootstech 2015, I hesitated, my Mom had already “found” the names of our Ancestors, so I thought. RootsTech isn’t about finding names of those who passed before us, it’s about keeping their Legacy alive and telling their stories. Imagine living a life full of sacrifices for […]

Instagram Calendar

Persnickety 4×8 Instagram Calendars make the perfect gift that lasts all year! Fully customizable, and with a smaller image size, will produce beautiful prints from web size images imported from instagram, facebook or other social channels. Sync your Instagram account right online, simply drop in your images and order! Click the “customize” button on the […]

Help Portrait 2014

Help Portrait is a global, non-profit organization Help-Portrait is about GIVING. Help-Portrait is about SMILES. Help-Portrait is about HERITAGE. Help-Portrait is about MEMORIES. Persnickety Prints is excited to be a part of this beautiful cause again this year. Saturday, December 6th is going to be a great day, but we need your help! Help Portrait […]

Create a Custom Card with QR Codes

The Infographic Card I designed for our family Christmas last year was a big hit. What would I come up with this year to top that one?  The $6 Greeting Cards that open up to a “happy birthday” song or a funny saying are our favorite, but I didn’t want to buy $600 worth of […]

3 Ways to Spoil a Good Christmas Card

Christmas. It’s just around the corner…  I don’t know about you, but I love receiving Christmas and Holiday cards in the mail! The best cards always seem to go up high on the fridge, or hang right up front on the family room display. When our family and friends come over, they sift through our […]

Use Infographic Elements to tell your story

infographic_christmas card

An infographic is just that; an informational graphic. Infographics are a fun way to learn about something without all the heavy reading. For visual people (like myself), I can remember information laid out in a pie chart, but won’t remember the same information if it’s typed up in a paragraph. It’s Data Visualization. Last Christmas, […]

Project Life // Documenting the Everyday

I don’t know about you, but I’m taking more photos than ever. Not necessarily great photos, planned or posed photos; more real life, everyday photos. An increase in capturing everyday moments is good thing, but not so much when they’re lost in a cloud. I started the Project Life™ system in 2011. The concept is […]