2016 Year in Review

I’m certain that if we could buy time, we would. Another year is coming to an end and what better way to “freeze” time than with highlights of the year in photos! We’ve designed 4×4 word cards for you to upload and insert into your very own 2016 highlight collage. Creating a photo collage is […]

Printing Instagrams from a Hashtag

We’re often asked, “How can I get my pictures off of Instagram?” To order Instagram prints from your Instagram account, simply login to your Persnickety Prints account and sync your Instagram feed.  Select the images you’d like to print, choose the size, paper type, and wait for delivery! More instruction here. But … say you’d […]

Stand Out in Your Selfies

rukristin selfie

Hey there! Kristin here for an important chat about taking better selfies. What are selfies? Selfies are pictures that you take of yourself — usually with a camera phone. Sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re serious, but they’re definitely important — especially if you’re a memory-keeper. Personally, I’m a huge fan of selfies — as a […]

2×2 Prints

How to order a 2×2 print … Persnickety Online Template (8) 2×2 Prints on a 4×8 Login to your account at Persnickety Prints. Select Services > Package Prints from the drop down, or click here. Simply login to your Instagram account, or upload photos. Drag and drop your images into the pre-made 4×8 template. Your […]

Free Download – Month in Review

“A document is everything which may be preserved or represented in order to serve as evidence for some purpose.” I think of 2 things when I hear the word “preserve”… My Mother in the late 80’s canning fruits and vegetables Photos I love creating beautiful 12×12 layouts in photoshop with elements and papers from a […]

2014 Insta Calendar

We’ve been Insta-Printing since we started Instagramin‘ in 2011. Mobile Photography has opened up a whole new world.  How many photos are on your mobile camera roll right now? 1,000? 2,000? I am at 2,389 and I clear it off once a quarter! We are taking more pictures than ever, documenting and living life. Persnickety […]

18×24 Instagram Print

If you follow our feed on Instagram, you may have noticed this new Insta Big 18×24 print. Similar to the 24×36, this piece of pretty showcases 35 of your favorite photos or designs in a more compact format. Find it in our SHOP at www.persnicketySHOP.com This prints fits a standard 18×24 frame (I bought mine […]