iPhoneography Series: Collect App

If you’re following Persnickety Prints on Instagram, you may have noticed a post or two showcasing prints designed in the app, Collect. The Collect App takes multitasking to a new level as we can now document our stories on our iPhone, anywhere. The card-like presentation of your photos creates the perfect record of each day. […]

iPhoneography Series: Mextures

 same photo filtered 2 ways in Mextures // Text Design in Studio   Mextures  Why I love this app:  Individual layers provide an unlimited creative process. Create your own Mexture or collaborate formulas with your friends with share codes.   Stack layers for blending effects // Move, hide, rotate, and adjust opacity of your texture […]

iPhoneography Series: Snapseed

Decisions. Decisions. You snap a photo on your phone, then what? With the large selection of photo editing apps, how do you know which app to use and when? You don’t. Edit and Edit it again until you get the desired result. Example: 3 Fisherman were coming in from sea after catching these huge Mackerel. […]

Improve Photo Composition

8 Tips to Better Your Photo Composition: 1. Perspective: Shoot above, below, or get level. Change up your perspective while keeping horizons and verticals in check. Your camera is smaller now — take it places! 2. The Rule of Thirds: Don’t always center your subject (boring!). Shoot with this rule in mind or crop during […]

iPhoneography Series: Exposure

Our mobile phones are equipped with an 8 megapixel sensor, high definition capabilities and even HD video. One important feature the native iPhone lacks is exposure control. Exposure: the unit of measurement for the total amount of light permitted to reach the electronic sensor during the process of taking a photograph. The two main controls […]

iPhoneography Series: Real Time Filters

Real Time iPhone Filters I love Jack Bauer and the real time series; 24. I have never once used any of the “real time” filters found inside of the native camera in my iPhone. They’re more of a nuisance to me than anything. When the filter button is accidentally tapped and I’m suddenly shooting in […]

iPhoneography Series: hardware + 5 tips to avoid camera shake

In this blog series, I’ll be sharing simple tips and tricks on how to take better pictures and document life’s everyday stories with the device in our back pocket. This series includes some instruction given at past iPhoneography workshops. Android users welcome! I am an iPhone user, however, many tips and photo standards are universal […]