4×4 Summer Adventure Card Freebie

This summer, the husband and I planned a “trial” run trip to a beautiful place called Lake Powell. I have not been to Lake Powell in over 15 years. When a child is born, your whole life changes. Lake Powell is not a baby friendly place. It’s very hot, the water is bathtub warm and […]

Go Small & Catch Up!

Hi everyone! Kristin here today talking about the difficulty of summertime memory-keeping. For me, summer means a lack of routine. There is no set schedule — lots of crazy fun events, but also a lot of lazy downtime. The transition from normal everyday routine to summer craziness made it really hard to keep up with […]

Pack Up Project Life for the Road!

Do you ever feel like taking some of your Project Life supplies with you on a day trip or while you’re on vacation? As I was packing for a recent trip, I realized that I really wanted to work on Project Life while I was away, but I didn’t want to pack ALL of my […]

3×4 Photographic Prints

project life design A

Tips on how to make the most of your 3×4 photos. You wouldn’t notice until you attempted to insert a 3×4 print that the Becky Higgins Project Life pockets are not an exact 3×4 size. They are in fact, 2.88×4″, a smidgen smaller in width. [typography font=”Arimo” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]*For this tutorial 3×4 is 2.88×4[/typography] We […]

5 Photos to Shoot Every Day

rukristin project life week 14 (1 of 5)

Hi Everyone! Kristin here with a few thoughts on project life, photos, and goal setting. At the beginning of this month I decided that I was going to set a few new goals for myself. One of those goals was to take at least 5 pictures a day. At the time I was struggling with […]

Why can’t I print a .png?

We’ve talked about how to use a .png file in photoshop. What about printing a .png? There has been an influx of growth in the Project Life community. Recently, Becky Higgins has partnered with American Crafts on a new digital site, AC Digitals. In addition, we’ve got pocket pages, journaling cards with a variety of […]

Organizing and Printing Photos for Project Life

How do you keep up with Project Life? This is the Project Life question I get asked most frequently. The truth is that I sometimes I do fall behind,  but having an efficient process and being organized makes keeping up and working on a week-to-week basis a lot easier. Today I’m sharing part of that process with […]