How to Clip Photos in Photoshop

All the tools, and so many different ways to get the same result in photoshop can be so overwhelming. Photoshop is a photo editing program that offers endless creativity. As with anything in life, more you practice, the faster and easier it becomes! Today we’re going to share a quick and easy video tutorial showing […]

Negative Space in Photography

Truth: A fancy camera will NOT make you a better photographer. Whether shooting with a dSLR or your mobile device, the basic fundamentals are still the same. Today we are going to discuss negative space, also referred to as empty or white space.  Photographers spend a lot of time thinking about their subjects, however the […]

iPhoneography Roundup

Another year, another opportunity to make and keep memories. These days it’s easy to take photos on the fly with your phone, but getting desirable results from your native camera app can be difficult if you’re not familiar with how to adjust the settings, or if you are in a less-than-stellar situation for taking photos. […]

What are Pixels?

Every photograph, in digital form, is made up of pixels. They are the smallest unit of information that makes up a picture. Usually round or square, they are typically arranged in a 2-dimensional grid. The number of pixels in an image is sometimes called resolution. Resolution is the amount of pixels per length unit. If […]

iPhoneography Series: Mextures

 same photo filtered 2 ways in Mextures // Text Design in Studio   Mextures  Why I love this app:  Individual layers provide an unlimited creative process. Create your own Mexture or collaborate formulas with your friends with share codes.   Stack layers for blending effects // Move, hide, rotate, and adjust opacity of your texture […]

The Phone Photography Project 2

Our biggest, and best class of 2013 is back this summer only as a self-paced workshop, now called The Phone Photography Project: Summer Challenges. The Phone Photography Project 2 is it’s sequel- 28 days of photo tips, app tutorials, and iPhone awesomeness Would you like to take better photos with the camera you always have […]

Printing Instagrams from a Hashtag

We’re often asked, “How can I get my pictures off of Instagram?” To order Instagram prints from your Instagram account, simply login to your Persnickety Prints account and sync your Instagram feed.  Select the images you’d like to print, choose the size, paper type, and wait for delivery! More instruction here. But … say you’d […]