DIY Custom Tiles

Have you seen those cute little tiles around with vinyl lettering?
Why not make your own?
A super cheap and easy way to add some flair to your home, office, trade show booth….  an “arts and crafts” project, gift, you name it! This one cost me $1.35.

Go to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or flooring store– grab any size porcelain tile (the smoothest works best). There are all sorts of sizes- 12×12, 16×16, 6×6, 4×4…  I chose a 6×6.
It was .65¢ at Lowes.
Being Valentines this month- I used a collab kit from Biograffiti and Deena Rutter called “Whole Lotta Love” and created a 6×6 digital square design. (you could make this with a bold design, monthly calendar, family photo, etc.)
So easy! Once I had all of my supplies together, it took about 3 minutes from start to finish.

For demonstration purposes, we printed one 6×6 copy on a top of the line “ink jet” machine with store bought “photo paper”. Look at what happens with the red ink…
We hope that by now, you do realize that when we say we use “photographic paper“- it is not this kind of photo paper!
Ink isn’t waterproof, smudge, and smear proof!

We use a chemical and light process that embeds your sRGB color profile image into silver halide photographic paper – no ink.
Apply a thick amount of Mod Podge on the bottom of your PERSNICKETY print, and a thin layer on top.
Wait until dry.

I think it turned out beautiful!
I had the Mod Podge & brush on hand. Purchased the tile and print.
Total Cost: $1.35
(another reason why I love digital! You can purchase a digital kit ONCE and use it over and over! I could make 30 of these for gifts, with the same kit! mmm… love you digital!)
February 5, 2011
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