Facebook is NOT Photo Storage (Part 2)

Facebook users upload more than 3 million photos a day. That’s a lot of data to store and your facebook feed needs to load quickly or you won't stay engaged, so to lighten the load, Facebook compresses your images. What does this mean? Your photos are essentially worthless outside of Facebook. Facebook was created for posting & sharing images. Facebook is not designed to store your most prized possessions. Once an image is uploaded to Facebook, it's compressed. (read part one of this story)

Here's what happens to your files...




Original Image File: high resolution, 13x20 inch print

Regular Facebook Upload: compression to a 2.5x3.5 wallet sized print

Personally, I want to have options with my photos. Sometimes it takes life events like funerals to help us wake up and say, "wait a minute, I may want to see this photo someday, somewhere besides Facebook. Who's to say Facebook will even be around in 20 years?

Vint Cerf warned us in 2015 of a "digital dark age". His words are becoming more and more apparent as I continue to run into these issues with my dear friends and family.

Now, you do have the option to change Facebook settings on your device (inside of the mobile App) to "HD", which is a bit misleading. This setting will allow for less compression, with a 4x6 print sized output. If you're ok with that, then by all means, keep using Facebook to store your images and pray that Mr. Zuckerberg hosts them forever.

*You cannot go backwards and change these settings for photos already uploaded.

In part 3, we'll show you how to change those settings.

HD Upload: 4x6" print size

MY SOLUTION: Because the families digital images of Al are so small, I am limited to print sizes. I have resolved to creating a 60 photo collage instaposter to display Al's digital life. The scaned prints are all I can use for the photo displays.

Beautiful enlargements come from scanning their old, archival prints. It's the digital images that are the issue. Do you see why we are so passionate about prints?


Persnickety Prints stores your photos at full resolution for FREE *forever.

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April 17, 2017
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