Fathers Day Printable

When I was a little girl my Mom use to tell me that the best gifts were the ones that I made.
I didn’t believe her, but have now found this to be true!
Some of the most rewarding times of Motherhood are the little coloring pages, love notes, and home made gifts that a child makes.

I have all boys. They aren’t crafty, so when I get a little love note, it’s extra special!

Last Mothers Day, my son Ryder’s pre-school teacher helped him fill out a Mothers Day questionare. It was the best gift of the day! I was 60 years old, my dress size was 60, and I also weighed 60 pounds.
Kids say the funniest things!

For Fathers Day, I have created a similar 8.5×11 printable for the Dads or Grandpa’s in our children’s lives.
Have your son or daughter fill it out on their own, beware, it may surprise you! More importantly, it will make the day of their Dad or Grandpa.

Free Printable for Grandpa

Free Printable for Dad