4×4 Summer Adventure Card Freebie

This summer, the husband and I planned a “trial” run trip to a beautiful place called Lake Powell.

I have not been to Lake Powell in over 15 years. When a child is born, your whole life changes. Lake Powell is not a baby friendly place. It’s very hot, the water is bathtub warm and you never want to get out! Being the worrier that I am, this type of activity was put on hold until the boys could at least doggie paddle.

And so we went….


We called this 3 day trip a “trial” run for a few reasons…

  1. We did not want to have any high expectations as we aren’t avid boaters!
  2. My oldest son fears high adventure.
  3. No cell service = total family time

I have to say that it was a success! Being “stranded” on an island with nowhere to run turned out being OK with this group! The boys thoroughly enjoyed being tugged along the boat in their tube (baby steps) and I even conquered my fear of heights and jumped off a rock… a little rock… but it happened!

4x4freebieStepping away from the everyday & disconnecting is one way to find creativity. My head clears up and I can think. As a result, I came up with these 4×4 Summer Adventure cards! This trip was a win-win for all! These digital cards can be used in a variety of ways.

And if you know us at Persnickety, you know that we love to share!  (more freebies found here)






Here, I have clipped them into photo masks (photoshop) in our free 12×12 template.


For this page I used the same 12×12 template, but shrunk it down & added some extra elements. (and tilted the bottom right box)


These cards can also be printed as-is and slipped into pocket pages, used as notecards, or a fun memory game for the kids!

Free Download Here

Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Use #persnicketyprints when posting on social channels so we can find you!


August 2, 2013
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