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It’s 2013. Just 5 years ago we did not have the mobile capabilities that we do today. It’s amazing how fast technology moves. Thank you Steve Jobs for creating this little device called the iPhone!

Last month I took a rare and much needed 48 hour vacation. 2 Days in San Francisco, food, shopping, and a Justin Timberlake/JayZ concert at Candlestick Park. It’s one of those moments that flies by, and I have to ask myself… did I really do that? With mobile technology, I was able to not only snap photos of this thrilling weekend, but create an entire mini book on my iPhone.

During the flight home, I was still on my adrenaline high & full of energy from our fun filled adventures … the best time to document, right? I was able to use my mobile device in airplane mode (when the captain gave the A’ok!) and create individual pages for my San Fran mini book.

instagram mini book

I used 3 iPhone apps: Rhonna Designs, Phoster and Mystic.

instagram mini book apps

I then organized the edited photos in their own album on my phone.

iphone album

Once back to my computer, I simply uploaded to PersnicketyShop.com


I didn’t create a custom design for every single page of this book. To maximize space, and get the most bang for my buck – I laid out regular images to the book using our simple multi-photo templates.

book templates

5x5 mini book3

These 5×5 Hardcover Mini books are stitch and pur bound. When laying out your book, keep in mind bleed and gutter space.

5x5 mini book

I ordered multiple copies, one for each of us.

phoster app

Instead of pinching myself, I can flip through my little mini book and remember that yes, I was there.


The 5×5 hardbound mini book is $25.

They are perfect for event highlights, post company parties, instagram feed, summer highlights, “year in review” gifts, you name it!

Only $20 until September 15, 2013 using coupon code: mini5

August 14, 2013
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