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Hi everyone! Kristin here today talking about the difficulty of summertime memory-keeping. For me, summer means a lack of routine. There is no set schedule — lots of crazy fun events, but also a lot of lazy downtime. The transition from normal everyday routine to summer craziness made it really hard to keep up with Project Life.

Back in May, I thought I would be able to keep up with my weekly double-page spreads by taking a minimalist approach, but it quickly proved to be too structured for the summer. After letting the format stress me out and putting Project Life off for more than a month, I made a bold decision to switch my format to 8×6 inch page protectors.

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This format is perfect for the summer because it lets me concentrate on the special occasions and events that dominate the season and lets me skip over the boring downtime. 

Let me give you an example — over one week in June, Jeff and I took a Road Trip to Vermont for a few days and when we got home we went into NYC to see Swan Lake at Lincoln Center. Two really monumental occasions that deserve to be documented. The following week we did nothing but work all day and stay away from the 100+ degree temperatures outside. Nothing that I was really interested in documenting.

My solution: I gave up on ‘weekly spreads’ and created spreads for each event. I like this format a bunch because it lets me try out different storytelling styles with each spread. Because the spreads are based on events instead of fixed time periods it’s easier to play around with the style.

The two spreads below have contrasting design and storytelling styles. The first one has more of a scrapbook-style with matted photos and embellishments, whereas the second spread is almost entirely made of photographs — even the postcard included is photographic.

Spread One: Road Trip to Vermont

For this spread I wanted to capture the overall feel of our trip. I used a map photo, a photo of the bridge crossing into Vermont, and a split 4×4 photograph of my favorite picture. To round out the spread I used a single journaling card to write a quick paragraph about the trip and added ticket stubs from our visit to the Ben & Jerry’s factory.

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Spread Two: Swan Lake at the Met

This spread is almost all photographs. I used a small title card in the corner to indicate the setting, and then I let the photographs take center stage. There was so much magic in the photographs that it felt perfectly adequate to let them stand on their own. In the bottom right corner I added a postcard from the post-show dinner we had at the restaurant across the street — with a little bit of journaling on the backside about how the ballerina showed up as we were eating our meal!

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Are you struggling with memory-keeping this summer? Consider going smaller and focusing on the fun events of the summer! I’m Kristin and I write about memory-keeping, storytelling, and photos at rukristin.com, or catch up with me on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins, learn more at BeckyHiggins.com


July 29, 2013
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