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Have you ever tried to photograph your child swinging? Did it end in a blurry mess? A few easy steps and you’ll have photos you love!

Each month photography site CaptureYour365 will bring you tips and pointers for improving your everyday photography. Today’s tip is from CY365 Creative Manager Kelly Buss.

While attempting to document my family’s everyday routines through my 365 project,  I often notice that I have multiple pictures of the same activity.  To keep myself interested in capturing that event over and over, I challenge myself to find new, creative ways to photograph it.

With five, energetic boys spending hours and hours each day swinging, I have multiple opportunities to try different shots of them swinging.  Here are three of my favorites!

CaptureYour365-Swing from The Side

Go wide.  By stepping back and framing my son from the side, I could capture multiple layers and lines.   I love the details of the wispy clouds in the sky and the battered sandbox, as well as the parallel lines created by the fence, swing, and horizon.

CaptureYour365-Swing From The Front

Get down.  To grab this favorite shot, I sat on the ground with my iPhone, looking up at my son.  Timing this photo is more of a challenge, but I captured this one on the third try!

 child swinging

Get creative.   The evening sun was lowering as my son was swinging.  I moved around until I placed my child directly in front of the sun.   By metering off the sky, I created a crisp silhouette of him high in the air!

No matter which scenario you choose, to freeze your child’s movement, be sure to use a shutter speed of 1/250 or faster.

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Kelly Buss -CaptureYour365

Kelly Buss is the Creative Manager at CaptureYour365, a community for inspiration, ideas, and classes for your everyday photography.  She’s mom to 5 boys and avid photographer of her family’s daily life.  Get CaptureYour365’s free daily photo tips delivered to your inbox.



July 12, 2013
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