How to use a .png in Photoshop

 PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic. You don’t really need to know this, but non-the-less, you will sound really intelligent when you tell people.

 Here’s what you want to know about the .png format:

  1. The transparent background has no limits!
  2. PNG images have a loss-less compression. 
  3. The PNG format also supports 24-bit color like the JPEG format. A PNG image may include over 16 million colors. Keep in mind a GIF is also transparent, however, mostly used for animated graphics. GIF images only include a maximum of 256 colors. 

Very basic steps to using .png files in Photoshop:
Open Photoshop.
Open the image, or layout you would like to use.
Photoshop is all about layers, make sure your layers panel is open.

 Layer > New > Layer


 Here we are adding a #thisweek hashtag/wordart to the top of Tyler’s photo. Grab a free downloadable hashtag set here.

 This photo card is a.png too! Add your image, adjust, and walla! Done!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!


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