Insta BIG

Your Instagram photos might be small, but with our new 24×36″ insta print, they’re bigger than ever!

For just $30, create a personalized wedding, anniversary, birthday, or “this is your life” gift! Showcase school or vacation highlights, or just display your own personal art. Katrina Kennedy used iPhone photos from her own garden as a kitchen piece, the ideas are endless!




Here’s how:

1. Go to our sister site: (at the Shop, we have more control over creative products, because not everyone wants to be a photoshop wizard!)

→ International Shipping is available on all items at [US $5 flat. International $10 flat]

Create an account, or use the one click sign in with facebook. (We prefer the facebook method, because it’s fast & remembering passwords is a job in itself!) We will NOT auto post to your facebook account or access any facebook information.

Click “customize now”.

Choose the 60 image template.


Create a vertical or horizontal collage!



Our Instagram plugin makes it super-duper easy to pull your images directly from your Instagram Feed with one click. Of course you can upload any photo by selecting the “Add Photos” link. (keep in mind, they will be cropped square)




This super cool interface pulls your Instagram feed chronologically, beginning with your most recent post. To keep loading time to a minimum, we have set the max import to 520 images. If you’re looking to use older photos, we recommend exporting your feed to your hard drive via  You’ll then have the ability to select the images you’d like and upload them to our server manually.




Drag and drop your images into the desired boxes. To avoid confusion, images that used in your project will show a check mark. Use the zoom function on the top right bar to get an up close look at your images.




Preview & checkout!  Easy, right? Remember, it won’t break- click buttons and test it out!



We love it when you share your creations with us! (use #persnicketyprints on IG)

  24×36 Instas from customers and friends all over the world!

katrina PP

Katrina used her Garden Photos to create the collage on the left. She hangs it on the wall going into the kitchen. So fitting!

PP2 rhonna

Rhonna’s collage hosts all of her images designed with her new iPhone app! (which is one of my personal faves)

24×36 Poster frame on the left, $9.99 at Target. Sold in stores.

*note*  when filtering mobile images with apps, make sure the app exports at a decent printable resolution. Instagram export is 612×612 pixels, which is sufficient for this project.

Have Fun!

Free Shipping Until September 30th.
checkout with coupon code: instabig
*only at

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July 28, 2013
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