OLW 2016

OLW = One Little Word.

There are many variations of the popular “word of the year” challenge. The idea is to focus on one word throughout the year to intentionally improve one’s self. Life is about progression and this OLW challenges it.

This will be my first year participating. I’ll be using Ali Edwards’ 6×8 Album and pocket pages to document my 2016 journey of self refinement. I’ll also be using Ali’s storytelling approach through photos and her One Little Word inspiration. You can read more about it here.


2015 was a hard year for me. It’s difficult to narrow down just one word to focus on for 2016. I have 3 boys; 2 teenagers, a 9 year old. I am now a working single mother, overwhelmed with the balance of home and work, not to mention the responsibility of taking care of my own parents. Life is beautiful, but damn, it’s hard at times.


Most of us cannot be creative in a distracting chaotic environment. Outside & breathing fresh air is where I thrive with creativity. After an abnormally busy November & December, I flew to Mexico to clear my head; a perfect place to reflect, breathe, reset for the New Year and contemplate on my 2016 “One little word”.

One word can have have many different meanings. You may agree, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one.

My top 5 finalists:

  1. Patience (patience with myself, my boys, growth)
  2. Quiet (shutting off the noise)
  3. Stop (be in the present)
  4. Embrace (embracing change & things out of my control)
  5. Change (avoid complacency, push myself)

I then sought for the one word that might encompass all of these.

My One Little Word for 2016? UP


Up is a very little word (only 2 letters) with big value. Up is an adverb defined as: toward the sky or a higher position, to be at a place perceived as higher, a higher level of intensity and capacity, a higher value, winning.

I want to one UP 2015 in 2016. I want to get UP when I’m knocked down. I need to stand UP for what I believe in. I need to look UP and see more clearly. I want to live it UP, in essence; live each day to the fullest. I need to work hard for the UP hill climbs, I want to be UP and winning. I want to shut UP and listen with more intent:)

Two little letters- UP are significant to me. I’m excited to use this word each day to improve me. I will be sharing my raw and real journey through photos here on the Persnickety Prints blog throughout 2016.

Here’s to 2016… it’s time to subir la apuesta (translation: UP the ante)



January 3, 2016
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