Photo Books vs silver halide Persnickety photo paper

We appreciate Photo Books- but will they last?

“If it’s not photographic output, it’s either going to be an ink-jet or it’s going to be electrostatic (fancy word huh – think color copier with toner and paper). While some ink-jet prints are shown to last as long or longer than photo prints, it depends entirely on using a particular printer, ink, and paper from that printer’s manufacturer. Do you know exactly what combination someone is using to print yours? If it varies one bit (like using a lesser grade paper or ink) it can significantly impact the life of your layout. And most home printers we digital scrapbookers use are not suitable for archival quality output – unless you dropped a couple of thousand on your ink-jet! The same issues are magnified with electrostatic prints – the toner can vary from batch to batch, as can the paper. And as most electrostatic prints are on the low end of the price range, you know the labs that use them are saving every last penny to keep the cost down.”

These photo books are less than 3 years old, and they are falling apart.
We prefer single page photographic prints for our memory keeping. Why? Because they’re archival, waterproof, and will last a lifetime!
Chemically processed layouts are beautiful! Our software also reads your sRGB profile in every single layout. The the colors are amazing! Drop shadows and elements pop off the page!
You are spending time creating beautiful layouts- why compromise?
Wilhelm Imaging Research conducts research on the stability and preservation of traditional and digital color photographs and motion pictures. Silver Halide ranks the leader in the photo industry.

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