Get this look- Photo Grid

In our last post, we shared  a download for FREE 2×2 grid templates. Using the same download, clip one photo into the grid to create a Triptych styled piece of art. It’s really easy! You can do this with any layered Photoshop template.

Here’s how:triptych_photography

1. Open the 8×8 Grid Template in your Photoshop editor. Want to change the canvas size? Do it in step 1! Enlarge canvas to 3600×3600 dpi for a 12×12 print.PP_8x8grid
2. Delete the text layers and un-group


3. Merge all layers except for the background layer (command E)





4. Select Photo (wide angle landscapes or abstract art works best). I shot this photo with my iPhone 5s.


5. Add Photo to top layer. Be certain the photo resolution is large enough to fill the entire canvas. If you find yourself “enlarging” the image more than 2x it’s size, you’re print will be pixelated.

photo_mask Clip_layer

6. Clip photo into the grid layer (command > alt > G OR hover mouse in between layers and click the alt key). You’ll have the freedom to move the photo around. Experiment with composition.


PP_8x87. Flatten & Save as .jpg. Add text, or dazzle up with overlays!

Have Fun! We can’t wait to see what you send us!


March 10, 2014
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