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Since most of my Project Life photos are snapped on my iPhone, I’ve been on a quest to find an app to simplify the 3×4 process. Typically I will pull my images into Photoshop and drop 2 images into my pre made 4×6 .psd template.There’s an app for everything, right? There had to be an app that could split my 4×6 into 2 3×4 (technically 2.88×4) prints.  I found Pic Jointer and posted this quick “tip” on Instagram, only to get some great ideas and feedback from YOU!

The PicFrame App was the unanimous vote. I downloaded it (99¢) and ran tests on my iPhone and in print…. this app is a beautiful thing! Shelley, from House of Smiths has been using PicFrame to digitally scrapbook her 12×12 layouts on her iPhone, but I didn’t even think to check it out for this solution! Duh! (palm to forehead)

As promised, here’s a super quick tutorial (because I’ve got to get back to printing your Christmas Cards!) on how to use the PicFrame App to create 2 3×4 photos that will slide into your ™Project Life pocket pages. (ps. you’ll be cutting these yourself:)


  • Download & Open up the PicFrame App.  (iPhone | Android | Other)
  • Tap the little 1:1 on the top right (this is the default aspect ratio ) Square format and 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9, 9:16 ratios are available
  • Select 3:2 for a perfect 4×6 ratio! Then select any template. We are choosing the one highlighted in blue.



  • Tap on the grey photo box
  • Select Camera Roll in the Pop Up
  • Tap on 2 photos from your Camera Roll (tap on multiple photos at once)



  • Make adjustments by clicking “options” in the top right
  • Round your corners if you’d like



  • Remove the border completely or change it’s color & width
  • Add text labels
  • Zoom, pan, rotate or mirror each photo
  • Enhance or change color tones (I prefer to do this in PicTapGo or VSCO first)



  • Share
  • Please note the Resolution option at the bottom, the default is 300dpi for a 4×6 when choosing the 3:2 ratio.
    *do not increase resolution unless necessary. A larger file will not make your photo look better, it will only take up Hard Drive space and cause pain and suffering when upload and download speeds are effected:)



4x6 photo

Ta Da! Here is my 4×6 print!

(I like my photos warm, I optimize this way when printing for myself)

Once you’ve completed these steps, you can order your prints a few ways:

  1. Upload from your computer & order
  2. Persnickety iOS App




*disclaimer: Persnickety Prints is not affiliated with PicFrame.

November 11, 2013
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