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Hey there Project Lifers! Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the ‘not enough photos’ week .

A few weeks ago, after a couple of great day trips into NYC, I came across the exact opposite problem — I had so many stories I wanted to tell, and even more photographs then I knew what to do with!

I worked my way through the photos, narrowing it down to the ones that only helped to tell that week’s story. Here are a couple of tricks I learned along the way.

Full Page 12x12 Photo

1. Full Page photograph: Use a big intro photo to provide an overall theme. I printed out this 12×12 picture of an instagram I took while walking across the street in Manhattan. I trimmed it to fit the Design C page protector (6 – 4’x6′ photos) and stamped at the top directly on the photograph.

Using a large photo will set the tone for the story you’re trying to tell. Think of it as the title page to your week. This trick works especially well with inserts. Any size or configuration of page protector will work. If there’s a lot of extra journaling, the backside of a full page photo is always a perfect place to write down the details.

Stamping Closeup2. Maximize your white space: Whenever there are a lot of photos throughout the spread, those photos will try to compete with each other to get the most visual attention. The best way to combat that is by leaving a lot of white space.

White space doesn’t have to be white; It can be any color at all. The idea behind white space is a free and uncluttered space where the eye can rest. The green 4×6 card below shows a deliberate attempt to leave extra white space to allow the photos on the rest of the page to take center stage.

Project Life Left Side3. Just Write: Use the extra space around photos (the polaroid prints make this so easy) to add your journaling. In the photo below I placed 2 of the 3’x4′ polaroid pictures into one 4’x6′ pocket and used the full space at the bottom to tell my story.

NYC Closeup4. Embellish Simply: Let the photos be the star. The goal here is to elevate the story, not detract from it. When there are lots of photos, its important to embellish simply and sparingly. Stamps, alphabet stickers, filler cards, and washi tape are all excellent choices.

Project Life Left Side5. Reinforce Themes Throughout the Spread: Group your pictures by theme within your spread. Food Pictures? Museum Pictures? Put them all in the same place. This helps to simplify the story. The picture below shows three different meals throughout the week, each with a different story. By putting them all in one row I was able to concentrate on the details of each picture and let the food theme naturally come throug

Food Closeup6. Use a Journaling Card to Tell the Story: Write out all the details on a journaling card and leave your photos to illustrate your story. Using a journaling card (just like using a white space) will help to break up the clutter that can be caused by a lot of photos. Using little pops of bright colors throughout the spread help to keep it creative and interesting

Sick Day CloseupThank you so much for stopping by and checking out my Project Life tips and tricks. Next week I’ll be comparing the different paper options for cardstock prints, and discussing my favorites for photos, journaling cards, and filler cards. Connect with me throughout the week on Twitter or Instagram.

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April 3, 2013
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