Project Life

Project, huh? If you are reading this post and haven’t ever heard of Project Life (aka PL)… you are missing out!
Since February, PL, has become a new photo obsession here at Persnickety.
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We continue to create & print 12×12 digital layouts, but have been mixing it up a bit! Project Life is simple and easy for anyone to use, and a great way to document life.
(get our 6×6 templates here, 6×12 coming soon!)

3×4 cards can be used for oh so many things – but Project Life is the focus today.
(the kids love it too!)

At Persnickety, we print. We are “Persnickety Prints” because we are fussy about every little detail. We are committed to our customers. Memories are priceless, so are your prints. (our process)

What is the point of this blog post? Well, for one– did you notice Gary Louris, lead singer of the Jayhawks up above? Yep, met him. Great musician.
Not only do I want to show off my Project Life pages to anyone who will pay attention… I wanted to give you these 3×4 cards too!

  Download them here 

  print them your own way, but the quality is in your hands….

—->  upload now

Tell us what you think!

  1. HI!! Love your 3X4 cards!!! Can you tell me how to print a few of those on a same page? I have photoshop, but I don’t know how to do with .psd file?? Thanks a lot!

    Great work as always! :)

  2. just found your site today and plan to order some prints very very soon! I am trying to use some of the free downloads but having very hard time getting it to open so I can do something with them. These cards I can get to open in adobe and I can use them but the free kits go to jpeg and just show me what they look like but no way to use them? I do normally need the dummy book for most things lol especially when it comes to computers! so any help would be so great thanks!

  3. thank you so much!! hope to check your site out a little bit more in the next few days!!
    Jackie Thanks Again for sharing!!

  4. Thanks so much! I love that I can get 3×4 photos printed…you are the best!! Thanks for sharing your PL pages…I would be showing everyone too!!!