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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you shop and order online? For the longest time, I thought that whenever I ordered a pair of pants and two tops from my favorite website, the items would travel along a conveyor belt before a robot arm would swoop down and place them into a box, label it, and ship it to my door.

And while it’s true that a lot of bigger websites (a la,, and so on) make use of gigantic warehouses and fulfillment centers, replete with huge steel shelves that require a forklift to reach, I actually don’t know how much in the way of conveyor belts and robot arms is involved.


What I can tell you is that here at Persnickety, each order is carefully hand-processed by our team of image specialists and technicians. From start to finish, your order is examined, calibrated and printed by a real person, quality-checked by a real person, carefully sealed and packaged by a real person, and finally shipped by a real person–once it’s in the hands of the wonderful folks at the USPS, I’m sure there are more conveyor belts involved, but no matter how rough they are on your package, we triple pack it in plastic, paper, and cardboard (with no small amount of bubble wrap) to ensure that your prints arrive safely. Our highest priority isn’t volume of customers, it’s actually making sure that the elite group of customers who do business with us are more than satisfied with every order, every time.

And I can tell you that effort is not for nothing. Let me share a story with you. I recently became engaged to the love of my life, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. My fiance, Tayson, is the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful man I could possibly hope for; he’s a teddy bear in a black t-shirt, and my best friend. So you can imagine I was ecstatic when he said he wanted to plan the whole wedding with me. We picked a gorgeous venue, but one of the stipulations in their contract is that we would have to order our invitations through one of their sister companies, a letterpress company that I won’t name (I’m classy like that). I naively figured it would be fine, since we were ordering months in advance. Sure, I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to design and print my invites with my friends at Persnickety, but of course we could still print the photos, favors, and other paper goods together, what could possibly go wrong?

In fact I really didn’t start to worry until the invites arrived a week late. A whole week! What if I’d needed them to be on time? I just thanked my lucky stars we had ordered so early and went to pick up my order. When I arrived, after tracking down someone who could find the order, she opened the various boxes to make sure everything was there and correct. The reception invites looked good, all the colors and wording were correct, so far so good. But when she opened the box containing the ceremony invites and thank-you cards, each boxful was written as being from Savannah and Tyson. In order to put my wedding invitations in the mail, I’d have to wait at least another week to get the corrected ceremony invites back. Because we’d ordered so far in advance, I wasn’t upset necessarily, more disappointed. If this had been a typical invitation order at Persnickety, I think things would have gone differently, and here’s why:

When an order for invitations or cards comes into our office, an image specialist immediately pulls the file or files into image editing software to check on colors, sizing, and spelling. Placing my order at the other company involved writing down the exact spelling of names that I wanted, in a few different places, as well as confirming the font, then hoping that the printer typed it in right. At Persnickety Prints, whether you design your own or use one of our gorgeous templates, you have complete control of the way your invites are typed out. We’ll still follow up from time to time (I have called a customer back after she tried to invite everyone to her daughter’s birthday ‘celebrayion’), but you will always be the one with the last word–no stressing about who is typing your loved one’s names into the layout! We just check to make sure everything looks good. But, if say the specialist had a rabid wolverine under his desk distracting him and he missed something before sending it through, it would have been caught by…

The printing specialists, who verify the file formats and paper types before printing and specially cutting your cards and photos, and assembling the order from start to finish. They check each item off the list and make sure no pieces are missing. But even if the specialists were distracted by a kaiju pulling the roof off the building, they would hand the order off to…

Our quality control and packaging teams, who check your entire invoice top to bottom before going through each image and making sure it’s up to our quality standards. This, I imagine, would be the best of the many points where someone could have noticed the spelling discrepancy in my invites. I just got them back yesterday, corrected, safe and sound, but I can’t say I wasn’t worried it would happen again!

Plus, I was a little sad thinking about all that wasted paper (Persnickety recycles too!).

In addition, this entire process is done fast. I waited three weeks for the first set of invites to come in, then another week and a half for the corrected set. Ordering your prints from Persnickety, you’ll generally only be waiting a few days, barring some kind of horrific accident in transit. We also let you know where your order is at in the process every step of the way. Once it’s out the door and shipped, you’ll know!

Needless to say, Persnickety Prints will be my only source for prints, cards and invites from now on, not just because of my working bias, but because of experience.

Interested in giving our heavy fine papers a try? With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what kinds of cards you’ll want to send your friends and relatives this year. We offer 300gsm luxe quality matte, art, linen, and pearl finishes in a variety of sizes.


Happy Printing!


August 23, 2014
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