RootsTech 2016

rootstech-hall“It’s this underground world of information that connects the dots to our life story, even yours.”

RootsTech is B I G

Who am I? Where did I come from? What makes me tick? What struggles did my great, great Grandparents have and what can they teach me? Did my Grandmothers Mother struggle with the same illness’, how did my Father’s Father work so hard each day to provide for his 8 children?

If they can do it, so can I. They are part of me, and I’m a part of them. Our Ancestors influence us, we are a part of their DNA.

RootsTech is where the stories unveil. I’m a storyteller. I loved RootsTech 2015 and can’t wait to be there again this year!


I attended RootsTech with my family last February 2015. We had so much fun! My boys found photos of their great great Grandfathers and thought it was the coolest thing. I created the above 12×12 layout on my phone with the Project Life™ iOS App and printed it for our family photo album.  It’s the story of the story and I love it!

rootstech-loveDay One of RootsTech I attended alone, but you’re never alone. I found friends from other States whom I hadn’t seen in a long time! I connected with social media acquaintances and met some inspiring people along the way. You don’t need a BFF by your side to attend RootsTech, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll run out of sides! 🙂

RootsTech 2016 is held in Salt Lake City February 3-6, 2016


RootsTech 2016 Class Schedule is already up! Here’s what’s on my list so far…

  • Who’s That & How Are They Related To Me? -Jill Evans
  • Preserving Your Family Memories in Today’s Digital World – Glen Meakem
  • Digitize Your Photos and Movies –Randy Wilson
  • Family History in a Digital Future

Can’t wait to see more about this Day One App: Recording Life as You Live It. Journaling on the go!


Registration for Family Discovery Day is also now open. This one sold out fast last year! The event takes place on Saturday, February 6, 2016, and is designed for families and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Members of the LDS Church are invited to register as families and  groups up to 10 at a time. This free one-day event includes devotionals, classes, interactive activities, and entertainment to help families and members discover, preserve, and share their family connections. Event details, including speakers and classes, will be made available soon at


I am a storyteller, I love photos and memories. Roots Tech is about our Story.  I hope to see you there!

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September 16, 2015
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