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Use Infographic Elements to tell your story

infographic_christmas card

An infographic is just that; an informational graphic. Infographics are a fun way to learn about something without all the heavy reading. For visual people (like myself), I can remember information laid out in a pie chart, but won’t remember the same information if it’s typed up in a paragraph. It’s Data Visualization. Last Christmas, […]

Say Hello with a Free .abr Brush

One little word can say so much. Have a conversation with your photos, H E L L O a free .abr brush from Persnickety Prints.         This free Brush is a great addition to the Persnickety Prints family and coordinates with the Summer Brush Set, it’s free too! Not sure how to […]

Back to School with SuzyQ


It’s time! Summer has come to end. Summer Bucket Lists are complete (hmmm.. not mine, but we survived and that’s success right there!), memories have been made, documenting is in progress! The kids, grand kids, spouses, or maybe even you are back to the books! Last year, we offered free digital backpack “love notes” to […]