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How to Clip Photos in Photoshop

All the tools, and so many different ways to get the same result in photoshop can be so overwhelming. Photoshop is a photo editing program that offers endless creativity. As with anything in life, more you practice, the faster and easier it becomes! Today we’re going to share a quick and easy video tutorial showing […]

What are Pixels?

Every photograph, in digital form, is made up of pixels. They are the smallest unit of information that makes up a picture. Usually round or square, they are typically arranged in a 2-dimensional grid. The number of pixels in an image is sometimes called resolution. Resolution is the amount of pixels per length unit. If […]

Father’s Day Mini Book

fathers day mini book

This 5×5 mini book from Persnickety Shop is the perfect way to say “I love you” to Dads, Gramp’s, or anyone on your list. June 16th is just around the corner! We now have Soft & Hardcover Books Available in the shop. Both books contain a set number of 15 pages, 30 total [front and […]

[Weekly Mojo Series] Tutorial: Cutout Text

Here in the South, we’re finishing up our final vacations of the summer season and getting ready to head back to school. As you get your vacation prints ordered, here’s another great idea to put panoramic or landscape photos to use in your home decor. I really love the look of these canvas projects; Amy […]