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Have you noticed this little # sign on social platforms? Hashtags are used in social media sites such as Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and our favorite- Instagram. Hashtags are searchable within the platform that it’s used. With Instagram, when you click on a #hastag created to describe the image, you will be redirected to a […]

Instagram Hashtag Contest – Perspective

perspective |pərˈspektiv| • a view or angle  Instagram Hashtag contest theme: PERSPECTIVE NOTE: CONTEST CLOSED. 1. This week (May 3-10)- take a smart phone photo of any subject using a different “perspective” or angle than you normally would.  Step out of the box, or under it, to grab that unique shot! 2. Post it to Instagram with hashtags #persnicketyprints […]

Instagram Contest and a Blog Hop

Have you ever participated in a “blog hop”? It’s much more fun and exciting than any other “hop” I’ve ever done! What is a Blog Hop? Here’s how they typically work….. Digital Designers collaborate on one huge, awesome Digital Kit  (lingo: “collab”). One designer starts the “hop” and gives you pieces to the collab kit. […]


Last year we started using a little app called Instagram. In a handful of months, Instagram has amassed well over 8 million users on the iPhone platform alone.It seems that everyone is loving this smartphone app… even President Barak Obama!If you don’t have it yet, give it a try! #HASHTAGSUse Hashtags when posting.  They are […]

Spring Break & Instagram

It is spring break. We should rename it “winter break”, the snow keeps coming back. Jon and I had to go somewhere the sun was shining. 3 hours away -Moab, Utah- home of Arches National Park. We try to wear these boys out. Hiking, Swimming, Biking… they just keep going, and going… Even my little […]