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Mobile Holiday Cards

As you may know, one of the big differences between Persnickety Prints and other big box online retailers is that we spend all of our time and energy fulfilling your orders in-house, reviewing every image file and quality checking before we carefully package it up and ship it to your door. We are Persnickety about […]

PicFrame, Rhonna and Bubbleframe for Memory Keeping

We’re passionate about memory keeping. With last weeks launch of the Project Life App, we’re able to “scrapbook” digitally on the go. We don’t want to leave our Android users out!  The large variety of Android phones makes it tough for app developers. They’re all different. The operating system is more complex.  Until Android simplifies […]

iPhoneography Series: Snapseed

Decisions. Decisions. You snap a photo on your phone, then what? With the large selection of photo editing apps, how do you know which app to use and when? You don’t. Edit and Edit it again until you get the desired result. Example: 3 Fisherman were coming in from sea after catching these huge Mackerel. […]

Create a 12×12 collage on your phone

I love documenting life through photos. Photos tell a story. I’ve scrapbooked since I could glue, posed all of the neighborhood children for photoshoots when I was 10, and in the fifth grade, I took it upon myself to take photos, scrapbook and sell them as “yearbooks”. Fast forward to 2013. My kids don’t know […]