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5 Tips to Posing Seniors for Graduation Cards

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time for Senior Photos!  We’ve compiled 5 Tips to Posing Seniors using some of our favorite supportive Persnickety Photographers … these tips & tricks also work for headshots for any occasion. Persnickety Prints Grad Cards are completely customizable and easy to design. Save Save Save 1. Over the Shoulder […]

Improve Photo Composition

8 Tips to Better Your Photo Composition: 1. Perspective: Shoot above, below, or get level. Change up your perspective while keeping horizons and verticals in check. Your camera is smaller now — take it places! 2. The Rule of Thirds: Don’t always center your subject (boring!). Shoot with this rule in mind or crop during […]

Easy Tips to Better Everyday Photos

Hi everyone, Kristin here with a few tips on making your everyday photos a little bit better. Last week I participated in Ali Edwards’ documentation project: Week in the Life. It made me take a closer look at the little things in my day, and how I was viewing my life as a whole. I […]

How To Photograph Your Child Swinging | CY365 Guest Post

Have you ever tried to photograph your child swinging? Did it end in a blurry mess? A few easy steps and you’ll have photos you love! Each month photography site CaptureYour365 will bring you tips and pointers for improving your everyday photography. Today’s tip is from CY365 Creative Manager Kelly Buss. While attempting to document […]

5 Tips for Vacation Pictures: Making Memory-Keeping Easier

Hi there! Kristin here today to share with you some vacation picture tips that will make it much easier for memory-keeping when you get home!  I know sometimes I’ve gotten back from a trip and realized I didn’t remember to take all the vacation pictures I wanted. More than a couple times I’ve gone to […]

How To Create Star Bursts In Your Photos

How To Create Star Bursts In Your Photos The lights of Christmas are magical. Make even more magic with a quick technique to turn your photograph’s lights into stars. Two things help create star bursts, a small aperture and slow shutter speed. If you hand hold your camera your results will be blurry, so grab […]