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Improve Photo Composition

8 Tips to Better Your Photo Composition: 1. Perspective: Shoot above, below, or get level. Change up your perspective while keeping horizons and verticals in check. Your camera is smaller now — take it places! 2. The Rule of Thirds: Don’t always center your subject (boring!). Shoot with this rule in mind or crop during […]

Stand Out in Your Selfies

rukristin selfie

Hey there! Kristin here for an important chat about taking better selfies. What are selfies? Selfies are pictures that you take of yourself — usually with a camera phone. Sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re serious, but they’re definitely important — especially if you’re a memory-keeper. Personally, I’m a huge fan of selfies — as a […]

10 Tips for Shooting Products with your Mobile Phone

Brands are created and reinforced by imagery. The way you present yourself and your product has a huge impact on your brand. Etsy? Ecommerce? Blog? Online sales will increase with improved product images. Are your photos Pin worthy? We’re here to help. We’ve set up a “mock” product shoot using just 3 items: 1 plain […]

Find Everyday Inspiration with Photo Challenges

Do you struggle to take pictures of your everyday life? Remembering and being inspired to take pictures each day is one of my biggest barriers when it comes to documenting my life. Whether the photos are for a long-term memory-keeping project like Project Life or just for pictures to remember the day, I turn to […]

Picture Everyday | online workshop

Your life is full of beauty, authenticity, and moments of magic just waiting to be captured in pictures. All it takes is the right perspective. In Picture Everyday, a new workshop from photographer Tracey Clark, you’ll learn to see your world in a sublime new light—and to use your camera to tell the story of […]

Use Negative Space In Your Everyday Photography

It’s easy to fill the frame with lots of details. Your photography changes when you begin to include less in the frame. Negative space, also called white space, provides a sense of calm to a frame. It isolates the subject, giving your subject center stage in the frame. What are some go-to techniques for photographing […]

How To Photograph Your Child Swinging | CY365 Guest Post

Have you ever tried to photograph your child swinging? Did it end in a blurry mess? A few easy steps and you’ll have photos you love! Each month photography site CaptureYour365 will bring you tips and pointers for improving your everyday photography. Today’s tip is from CY365 Creative Manager Kelly Buss. While attempting to document […]