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Tutorial: 10 Minute DIY Photo Banner

Hi Everyone and Happy December! I’m Kristin and today I’m sharing a step-by-step tutorial for a simple DIY photo banner. This DIY photo banner can be completed in less than 10 minutes. It’s also a great activity for kids and can be used for any occasion. Supplies Needed 4×4 Cardstock Photographs Hole Punch Bakers Twine […]

Persnickety Prints + A Beautiful Mess Photo App Mini-Album

Hi Everyone, Kristin here sharing a super cool mini-album made with Persnickety Prints 4×4 cardstock prints and the A Beautiful Mess Photo app for the iPhone (android version out soon). Confession: I worked on this album (editing the pictures in the app) one night when I had crazy insomnia and couldn’t fall asleep, but was […]

3×4 Photographic Prints

project life design A

Tips on how to make the most of your 3×4 photos. You wouldn’t notice until you attempted to insert a 3×4 print that the Becky Higgins Project Life pockets are not an exact 3×4 size. They are in fact, 2.88×4″, a smidgen smaller in width. [typography font=”Arimo” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]*For this tutorial 3×4 is 2.88×4[/typography] We […]

The Phone Photography Project

We believe: The best camera is the one that’s with you. Summer is one of the best seasons of the year for photographing your daily life. Your camera phone is a lot more powerful than you think. Just because it’s a camera phone doesn’t mean you can’t take compelling, artistic, creative photos with strong composition […]

Why can’t I print a .png?

We’ve talked about how to use a .png file in photoshop. What about printing a .png? There has been an influx of growth in the Project Life community. Recently, Becky Higgins has partnered with American Crafts on a new digital site, AC Digitals. In addition, we’ve got pocket pages, journaling cards with a variety of […]

Organizing and Printing Photos for Project Life

How do you keep up with Project Life? This is the Project Life question I get asked most frequently. The truth is that I sometimes I do fall behind,  but having an efficient process and being organized makes keeping up and working on a week-to-week basis a lot easier. Today I’m sharing part of that process with […]

How To Create Star Bursts In Your Photos

How To Create Star Bursts In Your Photos The lights of Christmas are magical. Make even more magic with a quick technique to turn your photograph’s lights into stars. Two things help create star bursts, a small aperture and slow shutter speed. If you hand hold your camera your results will be blurry, so grab […]