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Persnickety Prints + A Beautiful Mess Photo App Mini-Album

Hi Everyone, Kristin here sharing a super cool mini-album made with Persnickety Prints 4×4 cardstock prints and the A Beautiful Mess Photo app for the iPhone (android version out soon). Confession: I worked on this album (editing the pictures in the app) one night when I had crazy insomnia and couldn’t fall asleep, but was […]

3×4 Photographic Prints

project life design A

Tips on how to make the most of your 3×4 photos. You wouldn’t notice until you attempted to insert a 3×4 print that the Becky Higgins Project Life pockets are not an exact 3×4 size. They are in fact, 2.88×4″, a smidgen smaller in width. [typography font=”Arimo” size=”14″ size_format=”px”]*For this tutorial 3×4 is 2.88×4[/typography] We […]

The Phone Photography Project

We believe: The best camera is the one that’s with you. Summer is one of the best seasons of the year for photographing your daily life. Your camera phone is a lot more powerful than you think. Just because it’s a camera phone doesn’t mean you can’t take compelling, artistic, creative photos with strong composition […]

Why can’t I print a .png?

We’ve talked about how to use a .png file in photoshop. What about printing a .png? There has been an influx of growth in the Project Life community. Recently, Becky Higgins has partnered with American Crafts on a new digital site, AC Digitals. In addition, we’ve got pocket pages, journaling cards with a variety of […]

Organizing and Printing Photos for Project Life

How do you keep up with Project Life? This is the Project Life question I get asked most frequently. The truth is that I sometimes I do fall behind,  but having an efficient process and being organized makes keeping up and working on a week-to-week basis a lot easier. Today I’m sharing part of that process with […]

How To Create Star Bursts In Your Photos

How To Create Star Bursts In Your Photos The lights of Christmas are magical. Make even more magic with a quick technique to turn your photograph’s lights into stars. Two things help create star bursts, a small aperture and slow shutter speed. If you hand hold your camera your results will be blurry, so grab […]

Photofinishing in the 21st Century

  Not long ago you would buy a roll of film at your local drug store, load it into your 35mm camera, and shoot sparingly. Return the exposed roll to the same drug store, and wait for prints. The photo finishing industry has changed dramatically just in the last decade.  Today, we can snap a […]