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Digital Freebie

1. Who is Persnickety Prints?  answer: Persnickety Prints is a group of artists who love creativity, photography, graphic design & color.  2. Why? We are wondering the same thing! Why would someone open a photographic printing lab when so many are closing?  answer: We are passionate about our work and couldn’t find a lab with […]

7 reasons why you should print your photos

1. CostIn today’s economy, cost is a significant factor in deciding whether to buy almost anything. However, one reason to print your photos is the cost. Most regular 4×6 prints only cost 20 or 30 cents, but the significance of the photo lasts forever. Photo prints make excellent but inexpensive gifts for just about anyone […]

A Free Kit for Fall

Fall is in the air! I love it! Everything about it, the kids are back in school, football season starts, the leaves change, and after 10 years of being with Gap, inc., I have found that fall fashion is my favorite season of style too. I mean, look at these styles for Fall 2011 from […]

12×24 Resize Action

Earlier today, we posted a step-by-step tutorial on how to “cut” a 12×24 layout into 2 12×12 files. Some of us would just rather click an action to make it all happen. Life’s too short, right? No need to waste time on tedious cropping. This Photoshop action will take your 300dpi 12×24 or 7200×3600 layout, […]

Summer Sorbet Papers

As I watch the rain fall day after day,  I look at old summer photo’s to remind myself that summer will come, eventually. Enjoy these {10} 300dpi 12×12 jpeg papers. Perfect for use in Picasa. DOWNLOAD HERE  via our secure Box 

My Digital Conversion

Did you start scrapbooking with paper and scissors? Are you still? I started in 1995, all thanks to my mother. Here are my Scrap Books, handwritten spines and all. (yuck)  Back then it was 8.5×11 binders- I converted to 12×12 in 2004. This photo is about 8 years old. See those 2 boys? They got […]

Clipping Photo Masks in Photoshop

Our latest facebook exclusive free kit includes 3 photo masks.   If you are not sure how to use these- here is a quick tutorial using Photoshop CS5. (It would be best for the image to overlap the mask completely. However, for demonstration purposes, the photo layer is smaller than the mask.) Questions? Let us know!