The 6×6 Print

I am only a year behind on our family album, not too bad right? Of course there are countless other projects that I would like to conquer (darn you Pinterest!). For now, I am trying to stay focused before these memories are forgotten!

Journaling is my greatest challenge. If I don’t get my words down fast, I have a hard time remembering the details behind the story. Thanks to Project Life, journaling and story telling are becoming a little easier.

I have been having fun with the Project Life Design E page protectors. This is a 12×12 sheet (created by Becky Higgins) separated into 4 6×6 pockets. Perfect for those photos that you don’t want to leave out, yet there aren’t enough to fill an entire page.
In the example above, I used iPhone & Instagram highlights from bike rides in 2011. It’s fun to go back and see the trails we conquered, and thanks to a little app called Strava, I could start getting really crazy and include our biking stats.

After creating these templates for myself, I figured that I should share.
Hope you can use them!
  • Being the “Persnickety” person that I am, I would hope that you are not printing at home! (unless you are using the most archival ink; which also requires the same branded archival paper)
  • At Persnickety Prints, we don’t use ink.
  • Our print process is unique.
  • Using chemicals, light, and software that reads your color profile, your image is embedded into the paper. This is the most archival and vibrant form of printing. You don’t believe me? Check out our waterproof test
June 3, 2012
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