Top 3 reasons why I carry my phone while biking + free brushes

The husband and I have taken a liking to biking, both mountain and road. I call it the 35+ form of exercise. When your joints start to hurt and your body begins to ache, it’s time to get back to basics and on a bike!
We live at the base of one of the most beautiful mountains in Utah. We love to get out and breathe the crisp mountain air while enjoying the quiet sounds of nature (no fighting children)!
We’re also so lucky to live in a time where technology allows us to capture everything around us with little pocket sized mobile devices!

Top 3 reasons why I carry my phone while Biking

  1. Emergencies. I may need someone to change a flat!
  2. Strava. This GPS based iPhone app charts incline, miles, time, and calories. Sure, there are lots of apps that do this, but the fun part- riders can compete via location “segments”. Strava lists fast riders in order by gender and overall. Climb to the top and gain a crown, called the King/Queen of the mountain. This app just makes biking fun. Set goals, achieve & conquer with Strava.
  3. Photo Opportunities! Bikes can take us places we’ve never seen before. Singletrack trails are winding throughout the world waiting to show us the hidden majestic beauty that awaits. We love looking through biking photos reclaiming the exultant feelings and challenges of certain climbs. Some of my most favorite shots have been on bike rides, all with my iPhone.

 So, what do I do with these photos? Lose them in the sea of digital photos on my external hard drives? No! Print them of course!

Many of my photos are posted to Instagram, and are already formatted square. I print them all up and organize them into my 12×12 albums. (sheet protectors on Amazon)

Persnickety unique metallic photographic paper is my favorite. It’s just as archival, waterproof, and scratch resistant as our matte or gloss. It is still fuji silver halide, but it pops like no other! Think chrome on the back of your car, or a component on your bike:) Metallic adds contrast and looks best with solid colors.
Even little Ryder enjoys the competitive side of cycling. He won his first race in 2012.

Lastly, biking endorphins bring out the creative side. As we were climbing the rocks in Southern Utah last month, I thought- “I need some biking themed .abr photoshop brushes to “stamp” on these photos and tell the story”.
And then, I thought I should share.

Download Here


March 24, 2013
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